Banking UFABET

UFABET Banking, a deposit and withdraw money to start the bet. We support all channels for customers to feel the most convenient by allowing many banks, without minimum limitation; moreover, our process is a speedy obligation from the professional team for 24 hours.


  • Before you transfer your money, suggest transferring fractional currency for ease in checking the balance that belongs to you. For example, 10000.99 or 5001, including keeping the bank slip as evidence for confirmation.
  • If you deposit your money on time, reserve time for the team to check the amount that you have transferred about 20 minutes before the bank closes.
  • In case there is obstruction, the team has verified that no funds have been transferred, the team must ask to see the slip. As a confirmation of money transfers in the event that you do not have evidence, the team will reserve the right to check the balance. Until the team or you will be able to prove that amount of money is belong to you then the team will increase your balance as soon as possible.
  • When you have transferred money, please contact us to confirm the amount concurrently with the date and time of the slip for speed in checking the balance. Once verified will adjust your account balance within 15 minutes. If there is a problem, please call our staff.
  • Withdrawal

  • You can request to withdraw money 24 hours.
  • If you withdraw money before the bank is closed, you should have time left for the team to complete your transaction for your own benefit.
  • To withdraw funds from your account, you must confirm your Username and the amount of money in your account to confirm that you own the account for safety.
  • If you want to change your bank account, please contact the Call Center and that bank account will be canceled.
  • When you have finished withdrawing money, you can wait to receive money. It takes 15 minutes to complete. If overdue or has a problem, please contact the staff.
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