UFABET Registration

UFABET registration with a representative of online sports betting, online casinos, Live casinos, and other entertainings. We are so successful on a fair and reliable website that trusted by various risk-takers. At this moment, we are expanding the market around Asia and looking at interesting players to be our partner. We would like to open new form of new marketing by representative or UFABET agents.

UFABET agent, if you register as an agent with us you will receive a privilege variously such as the highest income share up to 85% of the commission that none of the company could afford it, the marketing share, admit in sort and deny in part of products in UFABET in Asia, so you are assured by our financial system, a security system that can reliably and a promotion system. Besides, we have amazing awards for you such as special gifts, annual travel vouchers, and exceptional privileges and many more. Enjoy with us to be part of our business today.

Why us, UFABET?

  • The profit share up to 85% because we are an agent of UFABET directly without other partners.
  • Highest commission plan of an agent betting from UFABET
  • The minimum bet available at 10 baht; mixed parlay starts from two pairs and is able to adjust the bet amount rate.
  • Receive income permanently as long as you are UFABET agents
  • Receive reserved for all UFABET products
  • The financial system is cleanly acceptable for customers to fully gain profits. If the customers win we will immediately transfer the award to you on the day.
  • UFABET’s systems are firm, secure, accurate, and quick processing date.
  • The odd system offers a higher price than other companies in the market.
  • There are products that meet a customer’s betting needs: sports betting, online slots, Live casinos, fish shooting, boxing betting, and cockfight betting.
  • We have a trained team to advise and assist you for 24 hours; you do not need to worry, have a brilliant time, we prepare the great team to function professionally to support from beginners and experts on techniques, management, marketing, and more.
  • Special Privileges from UFABET

  • The agent management system allows you to manage your customers from UFABET backend such as credit topping up, credit withdrawal, suspend use of members, create a user for a member to bet in UFABET.
  • Credits for customers to top up credit which you could receive credit from us five times the credit limit that you have deposited with us, for example, you place 20,000 baht deposit, you will receive 100,000 baht to manage with your customers.
  • A partner of UFABET, we have an ability to appoint you as an Agent or Super for more convenience to handle your business by distributing network to another level to flex your duty because we don’t have any agents. We are a representative directly appointed to expand a new partner.
  • Benefits system which you will receive from us, we are able to share the revenue to you, the maximum amount is 85%, the highest amount in the market.
  • Additionally, we prepare the commission from customers’ betting in your work line highest to 5 Tang difference and sports commission 0.5%.
  • There are highly skilled officials to advise and suggest the usage of systems to you, which is you don’t have to worry. We would guide you from the very basic step until you be able to administer your business by yourself. We activate for 24 hours, thus you are free to contact us once problems happen as soon as possible.
  • The game system of UFABET and the odd price that worthwhile to try absolutely, thus easy to make a decision on the investment of customers.
  • All betting entertainment on one website, UFABET especially sports betting, boxing, lottery, Live casinos, and others to meet customer’s needs.
  • UFABET system covers all platforms, which is you are free to play via PC, Notebook, iPad, and Smartphone both iOS and Andriod.
  • UFABET Agent Promotions

  • Share from us up to 85%
  • Commission from customer betting, five Tang difference, sports betting 0.5%, and commission betting up to 0.7%.
  • UFABET partner position and the highest position is Super that provides you an opportunity to grow the work line to many levels.
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