Fan Tan Gclub

Fan Tan GClub originated from China and spreading out around Asia especially China, Hong Kong, and Macau. The game used a bean to play, later it is changed to beads and buttons respectively to time.

Fan Tan, an online casino game from GClub that has been playing for a long time. Besides buttons to play in the game, there is a one-foot-long stick to arrange the buttons straightly. The game rooms are separated apparently; the right side is the player information, the middle is the broadcasting screen, the left side is the game result, and the center is to place a bet. The game is quite many styles to bet.

How-to play Fan Tan

The game is simple to catch by predicting left buttons in the last line. Start the game by the dealer will toss all buttons and cover them and uses a bowl to cover some of the buttons out which those buttons are the key to judge the winner. After that, the dealer with collect those buttons four buttons per line until the last line.